Hi! My name is Morten
- and I love the internet, music and bacon.

Trained as a multimedia designer and has worked professionally with web design and development since 2005. Now I'm based south of Aarhus (Denmark), and working at Johnsen Graphic Solutions as HTML and CSS specialist.


My education as multimedia designer gave me a basic understanding of databases and PHP development, and from there I have taught myself what I can today, simply by working with it.

I have worked as a full-stack developer for a number of years, but my biggest love have always been frontend design and UI/UX. - That's right - I ♥ CSS.

- frameworks and systems

HTML5 / XHTML / CSS (including SCSS and LESS) / jQuery + UI / Twitter Bootstrap (v2 - present) / PHP / MySql / Laravel 5 (including Lumen) / Wordpress / Drupal / PHP Smarty / CakePHP

Development Environment

PHP Storm / Git / Sequel Pro / Textmate / Filezilla / Mamp / Virtual Box (with Homestead) / Chrome / Safari / Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari (IOS)

Some references

Music production

I come from a very musical family, and have played the drums since I was 7 years old. Since then I started to DJ, and did that for almost 14 years before I slightly lost interest. I do not play as resident DJ anymore, now it's only on special occasions for friends and family.

I've always been very interested in electronic music. Mainly techno, progressive-house, disco and Nu-Disco. It's exciting music that sounds very simple, but in reality can be quite complex built.

I have a few remix-releases on DJ Tiƫsto's label Black Hole Recordings, and the danish label Ganga Music.

I'm also vinyl entussiast and love to explore new as well as old music.

Please visit soundcloud/djmorteny for more samples of my work.

Music and performance software

Ableton Live (v7 - present) / Propellerheads Reason 4 / Various VST and analoge instruments / Freestyler DMX (lightshow DMX programming) / CELL DNA (video visuals)


When it's time to get away from the screen, I enjoy photography. I have a passion for graffiti and urban life and exploration, but I'm also fascinated by night views, bright stars and in general experiments with light and shutter speeds.

All background photos on this site are shot by me.

I'm primary a Nikon-guy, but with that said I'm not religious. The best camera is the one you got by your side.

My current weapon

Nikon D750 / Nikkor 28-300mm / Nikkor 18-35mm / Nikkor 50mm

Feel free to
contact me

Morten Yde
Email: hello@mortenyde.com
Phone: (+45) 23 82 21 74

Work status

Currently full-time employed and not searching for any work.
However, I am always up for a good chat about technology or web development techniques.