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Hi! My name is Morten
- I love the internet,
weird noises and bacon.


I'm a multimedia designer and have been working professionally with web design and development since 2005. I'm based south of Aarhus (Denmark) and working at Johnsen Creative Agency as web developer and frontend specialist.

In my free time I make weird noises and sound design for "Eftersidnings Podcasts".

I'm married to Ina and father to our son Lauge.

Selected developer references

I speak

HTML5 / XHTML / CSS (SCSS and LESS) / jQuery + UI / Twitter Bootstrap (v2 - present) / PHP / MySql / Laravel / Lumen / Wordpress

And I use

PHP Storm / Git / Sequel Pro / Textmate / Filezilla / Mamp / Virtual Box (with Homestead) / Chrome / Safari / Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari (IOS)

Full service bureau |
2016 - Now

My current job as a web developer, with operation, maintenance and development of both large and small web solutions. Primarily Wordpress and Webspire as CMS.

Key elements

PHP / HTML / CSS / Wordpress / Webspire

Social network |
2020 - Now

I built this project from the ground up - design, layout and coding. Built in Angular CLI with a PHP content API written in Slim Framework. Stripe API is used to make payments.

Key elements

Visual identity / Angular CLI / Slim Framework

Podcast website |
2015 - Now

I built this project from the ground up - design, layout and coding. Built for hosting landing pages and Apple Podcasts XML feed, with a separate Wordpress backend for blog posts.

Key elements

Visual identity / PHP / HTML / SCSS / Wordpress

Webshop |
2003 - Now

Custom webshop with simple CMS for handling customers orders. Integrated Stripe API for online payments, and Shipmondo API for generating package labels for order delivery.

Key elements

Visual identity / HTML / CSS / PHP / MySql / APIs

Music magazine |
2013 - 2016

Daily work as a web developer. Website maintenance and support for users. In addition, development of campaign pages and other online events.

Key elements

PHP / Laravel / Lumen

Hosting company |
2010 - 2013

Maintenance and development of websits, webshops and website designs, for a wide range of commercial and private customers from the whole country.

Key elements

HTML / CSS / Webspire CMS

Weird noises

I come from a musical family and music has always been a big part of my life. I'm a drummer, former DJ and I like producing electronic music and build modular synthesizers.

Youtube Channel

Listen to ideas, demos, stuff that sounds like music and lots of drones on my Youtube channel.

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Field recording, sound design and mastering for the podcast series.

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Morten Yde Søndergaard

Let's talk

Morten Yde Søndergaard
Phone: (+45) 23 82 21 74